Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pavement stands are probably the best investment

Many people have heard about the pavement sign, but few of them know their meaning and purpose. Today, you can convey important information to people passing by, either walking or driving their cars. These are the most commonly used ways of advertising. Earlier pavement signs were made up of wood that is very heavy to use and transport. With the advancements in the technology, our signs are available in the form of banner stands, A-Boards, and swinger designs. The purpose is the same as it was earlier, to market products and services to increase sales.
You can decide the design of the display according to your budget. These signs can beat the large advertising if designed effectively. The message in the sign board has to be very clear and short. Big essays written on the pavement signs would be a sheer waste, the passing people would not look at it. This purpose is solved by small and catchy messages that could be seen from far distances.
The place you want to keep your advertisement should be clearly visible to all, as you get very little time to communicate your message to the public. Catching the attention of the passers-by is the main motive of designing graphic displays for your company. Sometimes pavement signs get noticed during the night hours, due to their location. These signs are mainly used at pubs, bars and restaurants to display their menu or specialties.
For retail businesses the past 12 months have most likely been rather tough, with the slow and steady climb back from financial insecurity due to the global financial crisis a lot of small businesses have struggled to remain afloat. A part of the problem is that customers are more cautious with their money and big shopping sprees have been out of the question for some time now.
In the past pavement signs like sandwich boards lined the streets of many towns and cities but in recent years haven't been as popular, as more people are on the lookout for special deals or promotions that make products seem more attractive or cheaper then you may be missing out on key part of promotion and advertising that could bring customers into your store.
Obviously getting customers through your doors is only the first part of the task, the next is to make sure they stay in and buy something. You'll therefore need promoted items to be near the front of the store, so anything that you have advertised is right at the front for customers to check out and hopefully purchase.
Make sure you look at the wide varieties of pavement signs and A Boards that can help promote your business from the side of the road where it can be seen.
Pavement signs allow you to inform the public about what you have to offer, since what you write on them is completely up to you, whether it's something as simple as the name of your business and what your opening hours are, or more detailed and talks about what you offer. Not only can you put one of these right outside of your business to draw people inside, but you could buy a few and set them outside in other busy foot traffic areas with your location on them to get people to wander a little further.
Pavement stands are probably the best investment you can make - they pay for themselves over and over again. They greatly improve walk-in traffic!

Make sure that you catch you customer’s attention with pavement stands, used either inside or outside your store. All Victory Imaging’s pavement stands are strong and stable and are water-/weatherproof.

You can also choose the colour of the frame to match your corporate design/image.

Pavement Signs and A Boards are a great way to get custom through the door of any shop or business and are especially popular among supermarkets, mobile phone shops and pub restaurants.
These quality products are ideal for use in roadside promotion, point of sale, forecourt signage, exhibitions and many more.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Exciting New Product - Wall-A-Tac Peelable, Printable Wallpaper

Wall-A-Tac Peelable Wallpaper
Wall-A-Tac is an exciting new product now available from Victory Imaging. This printable, peelable wallpaper is the ideal choice for exhibition graphics, retail environments and office spaces.
Wall-A-Tac is fully repositionable, so you can apply it to a surface and then peel it off without leaving any residue. Despite this, the graphics will stay in place as long as you need them to!

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You can send finished artwork to us for your print jobs.
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So far we've had a great response to this exciting new product and orders have come from a range of sources - exhibition graphics, retail spaces, home interiors and business showrooms to name but a few.

The possible uses for Wall-A-Tac are pretty endless. It is also water resistant, which makes it even more versatile. Here are a few of the environments it has been used in...

  • Kitchen showrooms
  • Spas
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Retail
  • In the home
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Foyers
  • Exhibitions
  • Office environments
  • Holiday villages
Popular Uses for Peelable Wallpaper
We're sure that you and your clients will be impressed with Wall-A-Tac. To try it click here for your free printed sample and if you would like any further information please call 01246 570771.