Thursday, 16 February 2012

Fun vehicle wraps

If there’s one way to catch the eye of your target audience it is by having your logo, slogan & images printed and wrapped around your company vehicle. A popular choice for companies within sectors such as construction, media, FMCG, driving schools, logistics, entertainment, etc. For maximum exposure why not consider advertising your message on public transport. Bus, tram and taxi companies all sell advertising space.

Victory imaging recommends vehicle wrap products for full and partial vehicle wraps. Our material has a high gloss finish and is the ideal choice for complete vehicle wraps. The media is soft allowing for maximum flexibility around curves and deep channels.

For a proactive form of advertising you need vehicle graphics. Here at Victory Imaging we provide vehicle graphics for single vehicles or a full vehicle fleet.

Vehicle wrapping is a rapidly growing advertising medium that will certainly get your brand 24/7 awareness. According to a recent survey vehicle advertising is seen on average by 3000 people per hour which equates to 16 million advertising opportunities each year.

If you are interested in having your vehicles wrapped but don’t know where to start with the artwork then why not give us a call and we can design the graphics for you.

Alternatively, if you have created the artwork then we can simply print the graphics or wrap for you.


  1. Truly awesome wraps! I wish I can get one such for my car. Quite sure that it will look good. My uncle works with a company who produces vehicle wraps and going to ask him if they can do one for my car too as never saw such things for cars.

  2. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing that looks awesome.
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